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10 Essential Travel Tips For Los Angeles

10 Essential Travel Tips To Los Angeles

Travel Tips For Los Angeles–Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US and the largest in California. It is a metropolitan city that is a magnet for both local and foreign tourists. And become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States and gets millions of tourists every year.

Are you backpacking interested or planning a holiday in Los Angeles? Do not waste your time, the following tips will be beneficial for your vacation without wasting your special time while in the Los Angeles area.

10 Essential Travel Tips To Los Angeles
10 Essential Travel Tips To Los Angeles

Here are 10 important travel tips for Los Angeles.

1 Car Rental:

Car rental is one of the most important tips I can give you. The city is huge and all the attractions are scattered. Public transport is not that good and taxis are expensive. For freedom and discretion to explore this city, rent a car. You can find reasonable rentals at the airport.

2 Join the Free Walking Tour:

Free Walking Tours is becoming more popular around the world and is no exception in Los Angeles. There are a few to choose from and this is a great way to see all the sites. The guides are very knowledgeable and you will have more understanding about the city than you can imagine. They can also give you some insider tips on where to go and where to go for delicious and good value food.

3 Take advantage of Free Water Facilities in the Restaurant.

To save your budget during the holidays, finding the cheapest food menu is the best way for you. But usually the price of cheap food is easy to find, but for drinks it is often expensive. But the good news is that most restaurants will give you a glass of tap water for free. You can have as many refills as you want so do not feel obliged to order soda for $ 5.

4 Check out the Beaches:

When you are in LA, take time to check the beach. My favorites are Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. But, they are busy at certain times. It is worth it for me because you can experience one of the most amazing sunsets in the world.

5 Understand Tip Etiquette:

Tip is one of the hardest things to understand when we visit a new country. Some places including service fees and tipping are considered offensive, others require customers to leave. This can be very confusing and awkward for tourists.

In LA, tipping is not included in the bill and is expected from the customer.

Standard tip is about 15-20% for taxi drivers and waiters. You should give a bellhops or anyone who helps you carry your bag $ 1 to $ 2. The expected tip is not mandatory, so use this information as a guide only.

6 Fly to Burbank Airport Bob Hope:

This is the second airport in town. Fewer people and have better connections to the city compared to LAX. The main airlines fly to Burbank Hope Airport and you can find several car rental agencies in it. You do not need to fly to the big airport when you arrive.

7 Take Advantage of Free Museum Days:

It’s good to realize that some museums have Free Receipts if you want to absorb some cultures in LA. Others have certain days or weeks in the month that are free for visitors. You can find all this information online with a quick Google search.

Travel Tips For Los Angeles
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8 Take Travel Day:

You do not have to stay in LA for the rest of your trip. It is easy to get to Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. There is a regular train line and not too far away for self-driving. If you travel this day, the scenery is breathtaking.

9 Remember your ID:

The city is a magnet for young travelers from all over the world. But, one thing that surprised people when first arrived is they forget the drinking age here is 21. This is good, most people are older. However, many bars and clubs insist on showing identity before you can buy alcohol. This can be a special issue for some countries in Europe where you may have bought beer from the store legally at the age of 16.

10 Do not Go on a Tour to See Home Celeb:

Tour companies advertise and market how amazing it is to go and visit the home of one of your favorite celebrities. They make it sound like you will see them directly. Take my advice, it’s a waste of time.

Most do not spend much time in LA. You will only see a nice fence and page while paying an exorbitant amount of money to the operator. This is one of the biggest tourist traps in LA. Avoid them.

Takeaway Message:

Los Angeles is a great city and very popular for travelers of all ages and budgets. Whatever you decide to do here, follow these 10 important travel tips to maximize your time. The most important thing is to stay safe and have an unforgettable travel experience in Los Angeles.


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