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Best Tips for Traveling to Israel

Best Tips for Traveling to Israel

Tips for traveling to Israel will be the important discussion for you who want to visit this country. As we know, this place is popular with its conflict history. In fact, there are many historical places that you have to visit. Besides that, in 2012 the visitors of Israel were improved significantly. Most of them do pilgrimage tour to any historical sites there.

There are some popular places that you can visit such as Dead, Red, and Med Seas. Well, to reduce your nervous to go there, you have to read this article. Here are some tips for you to visit there.

Best Tips for Traveling to Israel
Best Tips for Traveling to Israel

Considering Your Passport Stamp

As we know, the stamp of passport is usually sought later. However, if you plan to go to Middle East countries, you have to think more in order to get the ink print from Israel. Most of Arab countries don’t allow you easily to visit or make a trip to Israel. If you want to get the stamp, you have to ask it politely on the separate paper.

Knowing and Understanding the Politics and History of Israel

Before going to Israel, you have to know the history and politics of Israel. That’s why visiting Israel will be the great opportunity for you to understand their history and politics news. There will be different cultures that you can see. You can learn many histories from Israel. But, it will be better for you to go browsing in the internet about them before going there.

Understanding the Safety Levels

For your information, this country can be visited without any issue. However, conflict can arise every time without any plan. To anticipate this case, you have to follow the international news before leaving your home. Don’t forget to always getting the information from the foreign travel agency.

The most trouble areas around Israel are the border of Syria, Egypt in the south, and Lebanon in the north. Make sure that you are not going to that area when having a trip in Israel. Besides that, you have to also avoid Gaza strip. Then, travelling into Palestinian territories will be more safety moment for you.

Paying the Special Attention on Fridays and Saturdays

You have to know that Israeli have the holy day called Sabbath. It will be started from the sunset on Friday and end at sunset on Saturday. There will be business and day activities stopped. In other hand, you will not enable to go anywhere at those days. There will be more expensive costs of every public activity you take. It will be started at 2 pm on Friday.

There is also the busiest city during Sabbath moment. You can avoid visiting Jerusalem because it is the most historical place for Israeli. They will visit there during Sabbath. It will be better for you to visit Tel Aviv during those days.

Getting around Easily

You can go around the cities easily by taking public mini bus in Israel. You can go around the Golan Heights and also Galilee Sea by it. Finally, those are all tips for traveling to Israel.


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