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Best Travel Tips For Italy Explore in Your Holiday

Best Travel Tips For Italy
Best Travel Tips For Italy
Best Travel Tips For Italy

When you go to Italy, this Best Travel Tips For Italy will help you to explore Italy in better ways. Italy is country that advanced and has interesting attractions. When you are in Italy, then there are several things that you need to notice. If you go by walk, buy a bottle water as this will keep you from dehydration and thirsty. There are fountain water that ready to drink in everywhere especially at park.

Shopping in Italy

When you travel abroad, shopping is one activity that cannot separated. In traditional ways, shops at Italia have afternoon break and they typically close between 1pm to 4pm. The shop will re-open until You might find some popular shop that open throughout the day and Sunday morning. You also can find chain stores and small boutiques in Italy with their small label fashion.

If you want to use credit cards then ask your bank does your credit cards has a fee charge or not. Most of credit card has charge 3% fee for international transaction. If you have Visa signature on your credit card, this can be your beneficiary as it does not give any fee.

Exploring Italy

Most of cities in Italian are accessible to explore with foot but this not means that you will no need public transport. If you stay in a city for several days, then using travel pass can save your money. Buy ticket in tabaccaio or street kiosk. The ticket is validates once on board and generally valid with the time set period. In Rome, for example, a single ticket €1.50 9s available for 100 minutes. Within the time duration you are able to use as many as trams and buses. In Venice, take single journey with water bus can cost €7.50 but there are various passes also available which it start from €20 that able to 24 hours.

When you use travel agency or plan to go to tourist destination, ensure that you understand with the deal. For example, if you plan to Mt, Vesuvius. It takes bus transportation to use and the fee for parking is charge a lot. Next, you also need to pay another fee for climbing the mountain. They give you free walking stick to help you reach the mountain. Plan goes to Pisa tower? Here the clue for you. It requires fee for using bus and other fee for climbing the tower. The entrance ticket for climbing the tower is set by time.

When you visit religious site such as historical church, Vatican museum and so on, so you will need to dress in right way. You need to cover up your knee and shoulder. If you don’t, then you are unable to entrance the church.

Budget Management

Here the clue when you go to Italy. Credit card is acceptance in many counters such as restaurants, hotels, shops, and many more. ATM is available in everywhere and mostly accepts the credit cards such as Master Cards, Visa, Maestro and Cirrus system. The last but not least Best Travel Tips For Italy is ensure that you have travel insurance with you.


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