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Effective Tips for Traveling To Canada

Tips For Traveling To Canada

Effective Tips for Traveling To Canada–Get your best experience when visiting Canada with these effective tips for traveling to Canada. Canada is often forgotten on many world trips. But, actually Canada is a very large country that offers you wonderful trips across the country.


For a big country like Canada, there are plenty of places for you to stay. The average dorm room at a hostel will cost you about 30 CAD, and the hotel room costs about 35 CAD. You have to prepare more budgets for unexpected prices in big city like Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa. If you travel in a group of people, maybe you can rent home/apartment that costs you for 80 CAD.

Tips For Traveling To Canada
Tips For Traveling To Canada

Food can be cheaper if you want to cook it by your own. It’s because a meal in local restaurant will cost for around 15-35 CAD. Cooking your own food will spend about 50-75 CAD per week.

There are many transport accommodations in Canada that you can choose. For trip between the cities like Ontario and Quebec, you can take the Megabus that costs you 1 CAD minimum. The other alternative to travel this big country is by car. Renting a car will cost around 35-80 CAD per day. You can also take the metro if you want a city trip. It costs you about 3 CAD for a one-way ticket.

There are so many outdoor activities that you can do in Canada, it will costs you for about 100 CAD. It depends on what you’re doing. We suggest you to prepare a budget for 70-80 CAD or 52-60 USD per day if you stay in a hostel, mostly cook your meal, and take public transportation.

Favorable Destinations


Vancouver is mostly favorite city for travelers. You can do both walking through metropolitan city and hiking the mountain. It’s also an artsy city.


Calgary is well-known of its events and low-budget activities that are suitable for travelers.


This capital city is very easy to explore on foot. There are so many interesting places like shops, galleries, and museums.

Quebec City

This old city has plenty of 17th century architectures and culture.

Niagara Falls

Visit the largest falls in the world and admire its beauty just close to you.

traveling to canada
traveling to canada

Expense Tips

Go to Summer Festival

Summer festivals are often held by Canadians. This kind of destination will surely economize your expense.

Take the Megabus

This is the most affordable transportation for trip to Ontario-Quebec. It costs at least 1 CAD but you must book it first.

Street Meal

If you don’t like cooking meals, this is the best alternative for you to press the expense.

Free Walking Tour

It’s a great way to explore the cities that approachable only by foot. Some cities offer free walking tours that you shouldn’t waste it away.

If you are planning a trip to Canada, you’re lucky because we will help you to make it easy with tips for traveling to Canada.



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