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travel tips for Venice Italy

Have you ever heard about Venice? Does it belong to European continent? Venice is a city which is popular because of its architecture and the canals. Are you interesting to visit this classic city? The unique city which is located in Italy. Are you curious about kinds of travel tips for Venice Italy? If you say “yes”, you can follow to read this article below.

What is Venice?

Venice is one of the popular cities in Italy. It contains a group of small islands and this city is separated by canal. So, you need to use the bridge to cross over the places. This city is also famous because of the beautiful architecture. Venice is the popular tourist attraction in the world of the art and architecture. Most of people in the world like to choose Venice as the important destination for their holiday. It around more than 50.000 people visit Venice in a day.

There are also some kinds of public transportation which ease you to visit and walk around Venice. The first famous public transportation is water buses or vaporetti which run around the lagoon area. Gondola is also common transportation which is used by Venetian. There is a bus which can take you to look around Venice city on the land. Then, some kinds of trains and trams help you t o go to some places around and outside Venice faster.

travel tips for Venice Italy
Travel tips for Venice Italy

Interesting Destinations in Venice

There are some unique and wonderful destinations that you can find in Venice, Italy. You will feel amaze to see some tourist attractions here. You can take a look at the classic building with the unique architecture here. You also might get the water recreation as the symbol of Venice.

First, Piazza San Marco is the favorite destination among the backpackers and travelers around the world. This is the wonderful building with the classic and unique architecture. You can find millions of pigeons fly around this place. It makes a romantic view for the visitor here. Then, you can visit the famous church in this city beside Piazza San Marco. It is called St. Mark’s Basilica. This church was built from the eastern and western architecture style. Then, beside this church, you can find the old palace which became one of landmark in Venice. This place is called Doge’s palace. However, Doge’s palace is not used as the palace anymore, it is used as museum now.

The best icon of Venice is Grand Canal. This is the interesting destinations for the travelers. You can enjoy your time by rent a gondola if you want to try the iconic transportation in Venice. This would be an amazing experience if you can spent the time to enjoy grand canal with your love and your family.

Then, Rialto’s bridge is the well-known bridge in Venice. This bridge across grand canal and it is the separation between San Marco and San Paolo. You can get the best picture here. Some photographers like to have a photo session with the Rialto’s bridge as the background.

So, here are some destinations of travel tips for Venice Italy that you can visit. Then, you can get a wonderful experience in travelling to Venice.


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