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The Must-Know Tips for Traveling to Spain

tips for traveling to Spain

When deciding to take a trip to Spain, you had better look for an article talking about tips for traveling to Spain. Why does it matter? As commonly known, Spain is one of countries which has beautiful cultures and tourism places. They all attract people around the world to witness this wonderful land. So, before visiting Spain, you have to make a list of places you have to visit. This article will discuss the worth-to-visit places and divide them into two subcategories which best captures the way to explore Spain.

tips for traveling to Spain
tips for traveling to Spain

Exploring the cultures and histories of Spain

One category that people love to see when visiting Spain is to feel and experience its rich cultures and histories. You almost never find yourself having no idea to select exciting cultures and histories that you can explore in Spain. But, this article will recommend some ideas you may have to try to feel the best experience visiting Spain.

· Sleeping in a Parador

Imagine yourself to sleep on a bed in a luxurious hotel or a 14th century Arab fortress. That must be very exciting and interesting. If you love it, you can consider to stay a night in one of 100 characters across Spain. The Spanish government transforms a historic property into a luxury hotel that people can live and experience, such as the Parador de Ronda, near Malaga. The most interesting point is the building itself. The Parador de Carmona, outside Seville, has tilework and architecture which still represent the influence of the moors who first built fortress century ago.

· Witnessing the iconic bullfighting

People often associate Spain with bullfighting. This historic performance still remains the most interesting event which has to be visited by tourists even though there is still much debate whether it is culturally important tradition or just only a blood sport. People will commonly see this tradition in four southern provinces (Seville, Malaga, Granada and Almeria), as well as Madrid and Guadalajara. For those who are interested in learning the history of bullfighting, Plaza de Toros is a good stop in Rondo (Malaga), dating back to the 16th century.

Feeling and touching the wonderful island at Spain

Different from Mallorca which is more developed, Menorca offers the qualities that can attract visitors to visit Belearic Island. It has stunning beaches, whitewashed coastal villages and crystalline waters. Other than that, Menorca offers experience to enjoy the isolated stretches of sand, hiking through a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and exploring the ruins of prehistoric villages such as Talati de Dalt and Son Catlar.

Another way to get more fun is by riding bicycle around the island. You can take a route which passes on a popular historic bridle path, the 115-mile Cami de Cavalls. It becomes popular route for bikers, hikers and horseback riders and will take you a quite longer trip. Besides, you can also enjoy the landscape along the way such as beaches.

The more you know about Spain, the more you can explore to get unforgettable moments when visiting Spain. This article gives some tips for traveling to Spain that you can take it as your guide.


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