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The Recommended Tips For Traveling To Thailand

Tips For Traveling To Thailand

Thailand is much more than a country but a paradise for anyone who really know what, where, when and how to explore this country, so these tips for travelling to Thailand will help you much to get what you want in Thailand. The first to be recognized is when to visit. You can mostly enjoy festivals and holidays such as Loi Krathong, or the Lantern Festival in October or November and Songkran in April. The second is to select cities where you can enjoy much of your time visiting Thailand. There are two big cities in Thailand you have to visit, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Here are some activities that you can do when visiting these cities.

Tips For Traveling To Thailand
Tips For Traveling To Thailand

Favorite Things to Do in Bangkok

· Khao San Road

This is a paradise especially for backpackers and young lads. Even though people will say this city is a bit dirty, but the experience to walk around the street in this city cannot be missed. There are a lot of street vendors who offers traditional foods, exciting nightlife, affordable guest houses and roadside messages. Youngers will get a lot of fun with only spending one night getting around this city

· The Chatuchak Weekend Market

It may be the largest market in the world. That is probably the glance impression you get when you visit this market at the first time. There are things you can find in this market because they almost sell everything here, starting from strange and exotic animals to trendy shirts, souvenirs and fresh foods. It may be your alternative option to spend your weekend at the place where you can shop some souvenirs to bring back home.

· Wat Pho

Located nearby to the famous Grand Palace, Wat Pho is the Buddhist temple which is well-known for its reclining Buddha. If you want to know more or to experience a part of Buddhist life, Wat Pho should be the place you go to while it is quite easy to reach another popular tourism place.

Favorite Things to Do in Chiang Mai

· Doi Suthep

Reaching this place may be quite difficult, but you can take a bus or a songthaew to get you there. This is a temple which is located at the top of a mountain and remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chiang Mai.

· Nimmanhaemin

If you want to taste some fancy restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels, this place is recommended for you. It is located at the western side of city and is a cool place to hang out. You will be indulged by these refreshments at Nimmanhaemin.

· The Sunday Walking Street Market

Once again in Thailand, a market where you can find full of souvenirs, clothing, street food and local art is the Sunday walking street market. This market is located at the Ratchadamnoen street in Chiang Mai’s old city and will come alive each Sunday evening from 5 pm.

· Massage

You can find massages anywhere in Thailand, but in Chiang Mai you can possibly get the cheapest price. It only cost you around 200 baht for one hour massage across the city. So, while enjoying many places that can tire you in Chiang Mai, in the end you can feel relaxed by the massage with a quite cheap price.

These are tips for travelling to Thailand, especially in these two cities, that may help you optimize your holidays.


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