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Tips for the New Travelers to Costa Rica

tips for travelling to Costa Rica

Do you know about Costa Rica? Have you ever visited that place? Do you have a plan to go to that place? Here, I will tell about some tips for travelling to Costa Rica. There are some things that you need to prepare before and when you have arrived there. It will be useful, especially for the new travelers.

tips for travelling to Costa Rica
tips for travelling to Costa Rica

What do you need to prepare?

Before you go to Costa Rica, it is better to find and search a lot of information about that city. You can browse the flight to Costa Rica, public transportation, the place for staying, the recommended food, and the best destination which is suitable with your budget.

First, you have to find the best flight from your Country to Costa Rica. You can order some months before to make a deal with the lower price. You can get the best price and know the availability for the international flights.

Second, you can start to find the place for staying a month before. If you are the travelers with low budget, it is better to choose hostel dorm beds than private rooms. You will spend cheaper price for the accommodation.

Third, you can get meals from a local restaurant or you can buy the food from the street vendors who offer ideal price for the travelers. If you choose the good restaurant who serve some international foods, you might be get the tourist cost.

Fourth, knowing about the public transportation would be so important. You have to know about some kinds of transportation that you can take in Costa Rica. You will need transportation if you want to take a look at in and around Costa Rica.

The destination which is recommended

Tortuguero National Park is the breeding place for the green turtle. You can see some green turtles which are protected here. You can also see the turtle when lays the eggs on the beach of Caribbean Coast.

La Paz Waterfall is the popular tour destination. Beside the waterfall, people can see some kinds of animal gardens. There are hummingbird, butterfly, reptiles and much more.

Jaco is the most popular surfing destination for tourists. They can do beach parties and nightclubs around the beach. Surfing and fishing is the most popular here.

Puerto Viejo will offer millions activities to enjoy your holiday. You can bike a mountain and ride a horse here. You can do some water activities, such as: diving, snorkeling and surfing in this place. This is a quieter place that you can visit to relax your mind.

Arenal Volcano National Park is the one of the actives volcanoes in Costa Rica. You can see the beautiful view from this volcano.There are some hot springs which might be the fabulous destination. People can take a bath to relax the mind and body into the warm water pool here. This place is interesting for the one who like the natural scenery.

So, there are some tips for travelling to Costa Rica and the best places that you need to visit.


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