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Tips For Traveling To Germany

Tips For Traveling To Germany

These Tips For Traveling To Germany will give you best experience when you travel to Germany. Such as other countries, Germany has unique and their own culture. When you travel abroad, it is important for you to know the local culture and common etiquette if you do not want to identify as rude person.

Do not step out from the line. Do your best behavior when you in Germany. Germany is country where their people are extremely well mannered and punctual. Show up in late, raise your voice can considered as rude attitude.

Tips For Traveling To Germany
Tips For Traveling To Germany

Prepare to use fork. Germans people never eat with their hands except break of the bread piece. Place your fork and knife side by side for signs that you have been finish to eat.

Respects to their German privacy. Germans is value their privacy and personal space very worthy. Germans are tends to have extreme private when talk about their private. Limit talk about money and family.

Budget you need when you visit Germany

When you go to abroad country, make a planned budget is a must. With Euro is equivalent with dollar recently, then visit Germany is cheaper in recent days. For average, people can spend their 50 EUR per night with standard service and tourist accommodation. You can save your cost when you choose B&B with shared bathroom accommodation in city such as Berlin. For two meals with beer you will spend at least 20-25 EUR and 25-30 EUR for average transport and activities where it totally cost you about 100EUR per night.

When you go to Germany, then it is important for having cash. Local usually prefers to use cash for everything. This country is famously with its nature green environment. Everything is recycled and re-use.When you in Germany, then applied this habit too. There are large recycling bins in the streets for any glass container that separate with colors. Water is not cheap in Germany. Bring your own water while you take walk out.

Where to Visit in Germany

While you are in Germany, then here are best place to visit in Germany. German is places for famous car produces, beers, and the remarkable history. This country has been popular for poets and thinker land.

If you love romantic city, then go to Berlin

Love to have party and taste beer? Then you need to go to Munich for taste the old biergartens and Cologne

If you love to wine tour, you need to go to Rhine valley

If you love to have adrenaline adventure, then you need to visit Saxon Switzerland.

Sunday is day for relaxation in Germany. Most of shops are closed include the groceries. This makes you forced to enjoy your day. You can go to brunch, reading a book, walking or explore the nature by bike.

German is best place for solo adventure. Germany is friendly, safe and it has every kind for solo traveler. Therefore, if you desired to go to Germany, then do not hesitate. Make your research, find the useful Tips For Traveling To Germany and you can experience worthy pleasure even when you are in solo.


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