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Tips for travelling to India:Hundred attractions for travelling in India

Tips for travelling to India

Do you know about India? The place which is popular with Hindu people, the temples, unique tradition and the traditional cloth. Are you interesting to know more about India? Or do you need the tips for travelling to India. Here, we are going to tell about that below.

Tourist attractions in India

There are some wonderful things which are popular in India. Beside of the unique food and the traditional ceremony, you have to know the other important things about India and why so many people want to visit this place.

Tips for travelling to India
Tips for travelling to India

India is popular with Hindu as the religion in India. Most of people in India believe in Hinduism. There are some kinds of temples which are used for praying. Then, they always make an offering for their ancestors. Hindus always pray in the temple. And, there is one of the most famous temple in India. The name is Sun Temple. It is booming and popular around the tourism. This is just like an ordinary temple with the relief. However, the thing which attract some people is in the middle part of this place. You can see different and unique relief in this part. The relief is talking about the erotic poses, such as: kissing, hugging and any other sexual activities.

The Indian people also has a unique wedding traditions. They usually hold wedding for 3-4 days. There are four steps of wedding ceremony, such as: Shagun, Mangni, Mehndi, Haldi, and Kanya Daan. Shagun is the ceremony when the mother of the groom is visiting the bride home and bring some gifts, such as: clothes, rice and jewelry. Magni is the engagement. Mehndi is the time in which the bride’s hands and feet are decorated. Haldi is the ceremony when the fragrance is poured into bride and groom body. Then, Kanya Daan is the wedding ceremony.

The popular traditional cloth from India is Indian Saree. Saree is the leaf of fabric which is not sewn. Indian Women always put Saree for the daily life, traditional ceremony and any other ceremonies. There are some beautiful motifs which attract the tourist.

Travelling tips to India

If you want to travel to India, you have to bring tissues and hand sanitizer. You will get sweat easily because of the climate. It is betters to put the comfortable suit and shoes while walking around this country. However, it is better to wear the clothes which cover your arms and legs.

You have to take off your shoes or sandals if you enter the people’s house. In some places, you are asked to shoes off while you enter the sacred place, such as: temple. Then, if you visit some places, shops or restaurants and you see that there are shoes or sandals outside, it would be a sign for you that you have to follow that habits.

You have to be careful if you are in the crowded area. It is better to not bring the cash money because there are some problems of pickpocket happened in India. Don’t let yourself being a target of badger.

It is better to put on a long scarf when you are in this country. Indian people will allow you to visit some places, mosque and temple if you put on the long scarf.

So, there are some tourist attractions and tips for travelling to India that you have to know. Prepare yourself before going to India is important.


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