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Tips for Travelling to Japan:Is Japan interesting?

tips for travelling to Japan

Do you plan a travelling to Japan? Have you ever dreamed to see the beauty of Fuji Mountain, take a look at the wonderful Sakura and try the tea party in Japan? Well, here we will tell you about the tips for travelling to Japan. It will be wonderful to discuss about the tourist attractions there.

All about Japan

Japan is one of the Asian countries. There are a lot of wonderful things that you can see in Japan. Some of the traditional ceremonies will be very interesting for the tourists. It is a unique mixture of traditional and modern. Japanese people are so modern in their technology, but they still believe and apply some traditional customs.

tips for travelling to Japan
tips for travelling to Japan

1. Kimono is a traditional clothes from Japan. Sometimes ago, Japanese people put Kimono for daily, but they only put on that cloth in some traditional events now. Kimono is designed colorful and in a bright color for women, but it is designed in a dark color for men. So many tourists are interested to put on this clothes. They try to wear this traditional clothes to see its greatness.

2. Chad is a Japanese tea ceremony. Japanese people consider that preparing and offering tea for a guest is special and formal. They are sure that all of the tea utensils are having a symbolic meaning. From this activity, people can learn about the way of thinking, purpose life, and how to appreciate the tea utensils.

3. Ikebana is the Japanese cultural of arranging the flower. People can get some values in doing this cultural practice. They will learn of its aesthetic, beauty, harmony, natural and spiritually. Flower is something that is really important for Japanese people. They use the flower to memorize their ancestor.

4. Hanami is the ceremony which is held to appreciate the Cherry blossom which is burst. They always drink tea and enjoy the music in seeing the blooming of cherry flowers. The popular places for celebrating this ceremony is in Koukyo, Ueno garden and Shinjuku Gyoen garden.

Tips for travelling to Japan

1. You can find the flight some months before your vacation. It is cheaper if you choose the winter season for your trip. You can get a half price if you go during the winter. Then, You will get higher price during the summer especially when there is a cherry blossom ceremony.

2. It is better to take the bus, taxi and local train to take a look around this city. You will get the cheaper cost than Shinkansen. Shinkansen is a railroad system train. You will need to spend a lot of money in taking this transportation.

3. It is important to make a vacation list on your notes. It is better to choose the hostel which is near to your destinations.

4. It is better to find the street food. You can get the yummy meals with the lower price. You can find okonomiyaki, oden, karage and takoyaki.

5. If you want to buy gift for your family, it is better to buy in the shop which offers the lower price around 100 yen. You can find that shop in Daiso and Seria. So, you can follow these tips for travelling to Japan which are easy and saved your money.


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