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Tips to Travel Abroad Safely and Fun

international travel tips–Traveling abroad is fun but you also need to follow some rules. It is very important to follow the rules so you can enjoy the places well without any serious difficulties. If it is your first time to travel abroad, it is better to read and learn from these international travel tips below. By learning these tips, it hopes that you can spend your time there easier. So, what do you have to do before traveling abroad?

international travel tips
international travel tipsinternational travel tips

Bring Hotel Business Cards

By the time you arrive at the hotel you booked before, don’t forget to ask their business card. It looks simple, right? But it makes your traveling abroad easier and safer. Just imagine if you are in unknown area and get lost! What do you have to do? The best thing to do is check the contact information of your hotel. The hotel business card contains of complete address and telephone number. You may ask someone about the direction to the hotel based on the address. Moreover, you may also call the customer service of the hotel to pick you up to get back to the hotel. It is also very important if the population on that country doesn’t use English as their language. Most of hotels will include complete information in local language. It helps you a lot if you want to get back to the hotel by taxi or public transportation.

Don’t Let Cash on Your Wallet

It is true that credit card or ATM card is very important when you are traveling abroad. But just remember not to go around without cash on your wallet. Just imagine if there is no ATM machine or stores which accept credit card. It becomes a serious problem, right? So, one of the best international travel tips is bring cash money from the local currency along with credit card and ATM card on your wallet. It helps you a lot when you want to go around by using local public transportation or eating street foods. It is impossible for the drivers or buyers to process your payment using credit card or ATM. They love to accept your cash money. The important note, don’t bring too much money and make sure that it is safe enough.

Bring Credit Card

Definitely, it is a must to bring your credit card during your traveling abroad. Most of modern places around the world accept credit card. What you should notice is that the fee. The foreign transaction fee is a little bit higher. Commonly, you should pay the fee as higher as 3%.

Personal Medicine

As a traveler, it is a must to keep safe during the journey. This is the reason why you should bring your personal medicine. You know about yourself including your health. You know the type of medicine you need to bring. Even, if you are health you still have to bring first kit aids. You don’t know where to stay or what kind of place you are visited. It will be a serious problem if you can’t find any medicine you need most. In fact, different country has different type of medicine. You don’t know where the drugstores are and their open hours. If it is necessary, you may take general checkup first and let the doctor decides what kind of medicine you need to bring before traveling. As the result, you will bring prescribed medicine along with you and there is no need to worry anymore.

Bring a Local Map

The best way to explore specific country is by bringing its map. From the map, you may know your position and the route to your next destination. If it is necessary, try to get complete information about the route of public transportation such as local bus or train. Bringing a map on your bag prevent you not to gest lost. In some countries, it is easy for you to get a map and the price is also cheap. So, don’t go too far without a map in your hand.

Important Contact

Besides bringing map, it is also important to write down any kind of important contact. Those are including your hotel phone number, foreign airlines address and phone number, police phone number, and many more. Those contacts are important to help you in difficult situation including if you get lost there.

Mobile Applications

In this smartphone era, travelers need to bring a smartphone along with mobile applications. The applications should be supporting your traveling activity. Let say, you may find application which can detect local map, restaurants, hotels, and any public buildings. You may also find an application which can explain about currency, language, and important information needed by foreign travelers. Because it is very important, it is a must for you to keep your smartphone fully recharged.

Travel Alert

Different country has different rules especially for foreigners. Because of that, it is important to learn the travel alert before visiting the country. To get the complete information about travel alert, you may check state department’s travel warnings and alerts. It is also necessary for you to go to the local embassy to get any kind of information related to the travel alert you should know. Try no to break the rule otherwise you will be involved in a serious problem. Just imagine if you have to be jailed during your traveling because you break simple rule.

Know What You Should Bring

One of the secret of fun traveling is bringing only what you need most. Learning and knowing about what you should bring during your abroad traveling is very important. For example, you know that you are visiting cold weather country. It means you should bring jacket, gloves, and any kind of items which keep you warm. It is the same case if you want to visit a place close to beach. You may bring all items which supports you while enjoying the day at the beach. To make it easy, just make a list of items you want to bring first. Then, classify those items and finally you will get the most important items to bring.

Promo Deals are Always Interesting

Sometimes, you have to visit specific place with ticket. The great way to get affordable ticket is by finding information about promo deals. By using this opportunity, you may get affordable ticket so you can safe your money for different needs. It is also an effective way if you want to visit a lot of places in one country. The low price ticket you have pay, the more places you can visit. Do short research about the place you want to visit. Those are including the cheapest way to get there or the fastest way to get there. Probably, it takes your time but later you can feel the benefits.

Bring Snacks and Water

There is a case that the price of foods in certain area is very expensive. Instead of spending more money for foods, you may bring snacks. You can bring affordable snacks or it will be great if you can bring homemade healthy snacks along with you. The best part is that you can eat it anytime you want without need to spend your money at all. It will be great if you can bring long lasting snack so you can eat it anytime during the traveling. Don’t forget to bring enough water. In fact, you don’t know what kind of area you are about to visit. There is a possibility that you are visiting a place in which it is hard to find foods and water.

Definitely, those international travel tips help you a lot so you can explore the place maximally without any kind of difficulty. Just enjoy your holiday!


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