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Travel Tips for Costa Rica: You Better Know It

travel tips for Costa Rica–Before you are landed on Costa Rica for traveling, you better know these travel tips for Costa Rica. Costa Rica is so attractive with the gorgeous beaches and nature’s beauty. Everyone who visits Costa Rica will enjoy every step they take on the land like paradise. You will always find the spot to spend the quality time alone, or with your beloved ones. Here are some travel tips if you are planning to travel to Costa Rica.

travel tips for Costa Rica
travel tips for Costa Rica

Most Favorable Destinations in Costa Rica

There are so many interesting places to visit in Costa Rica. But we recommend you to visit these:

1. Monteverde

Monteverde literally means Green Mountain that generally described the Cloud Forest where you can find the rare and beautiful birds. Here you can enjoy birdwatching, attractions, delicious local foods, and the wildlife.

2. San Jose

You may visit the capital city of Costa Rica for few days. This city is just like other big cities that have anything to keep you busy. You can find some cool museums and parks here.

3. Manuel Antonio

This is the most popular beach town in Costa Rica. It offers you many cheap options of vacation. You can enjoy the amazing diving, wildlife national park, nightlife, and gorgeous beaches that you shouldn’t skip.

General Costs

The dorm beds in a hostel are usually cost for 5,500 to 10,000 CRC. Most hostel costs are included free breakfast and Wi-Fi. If you prefer to stay in the hotel, it will cost you starting from 17,000 CRC per night for a double room, usually. It’s included breakfast. But the cheapest is the campground that only costs for 5,500 CRC per night.

You can eat at the local restaurants that cost about 535 to 1,600 CRC for meals. But if you want to eat in the tourist area, it’s more expensive for 9,000 CRC. For another cheap food alternative is the street food vendor that you should pay at least 265 CRC. The cheapest option of food is by cooking the meal, because the groceries will cost you around 15,000 to 20,000 CRC per week.

We suggest you to spend the budget for 22,200 to 27,800 CRC or 45 to 50 USD. This is included the hotel room, cooking most of your food, and taking local transportations.

Expense Tips

· If you want to expense less cost for traveling to Costa Rice, it’s better if you go there during the travel off season. It will start from last April to November since it’s raining in Costa Rica. The rain season makes the price less expensive and only few of the tourists who come down to beaches. You should avoid the winter in US for traveling to Costa Rica, because people will visit there, and the price rises.

· Camping is the best alternative to keep your budget safe. It costs nearly less than 3,000 CRC per night.

Enjoy every single second in Costa Rica by knowing these travel tips for Costa Rica to make your vacation memorable.


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